ImageOkay. I’m going live. After my first post, which seems like ages ago, I’m back. And today is the perfect day because it’s… National Relaxation Day. So kick off your shoes, socks, flip-flops or whatever and hang out a few moments. I’ll tell you about the pic.  Yesterday my column in the local paper, the Fort Mill Times came out and there was reference to today being National Relaxation Day. My husband was driving home last night at eleven o’clock and saw someone changing the letters on an advertising board outside McHale’s, a local pub. He said it looked like the word, relax. This morning we drove by and this is what we found!  I’m thinking someone read my column!!!   I think that’s very cool.  Check out this link where you can read it too.

Okay, one more thing and then you should go and RELAX. I belong to this FANTABULOUS writer’s group. Unfortunately, I missed the meeting last week but they did a wonderful exercise. I’m posting two quite different results of what I came up with. I won’t tell you what the rules and guidelines were. You will have to hop over to Joan Edward’s totally ADDICTIVE blog and look here….    Then you can do the exercise, too.

Here are mine.  Have fun!  Till next month.


“I’m telling you. It was a MONSTER.  I saw it.  And its tongue was as long as a daschund.”

“OK. Calm down. You’re a spirited ten-year-old sapling. Do you really expect a newscaster to broadcast your story?”

This guy was making me mad. If only I had muscle, I’d stuff him in a barrel and roll him down a long, slippery slope.  What was that word mom used all the time? In-cred-u-lous. Yes, that ‘s what this man was.

“Look, Mister. If I had a camera I could’ve taken a photograph. The monster was in the post office annex.   I’m ten. I know a monster when I see one. “

“Alright. Indulge me. Take me to the  scene so I can evaluate the situation. Let’s see if I can unveil one piece of monster evidence.  Until then, I wouldn’t advertise the fact that you think you saw a monster. “


It was a tongue. He was sure.  But why was he having such a hard time taking the photograph.  He’d seen worse things before in his career.

He wondered if it was slippery.  Or if it had muscle?  Did they say they found it at the Post Office annex?

“Oh great” he thought.  “Here comes that spirited, incredulous sapling who thinks she’s going to unveil the motive behind this crime? “

“I should have been a newscaster like mom wanted me to.” He mumbled.

Maybe he needed to sit down and evaluate his life. The nagging voice in his head had him over a barrel.  He didn’t want to advertise it, but keeping his true identity a secret was wearing on him.  Maybe he just needed to indulge himself and skip town for a long vacation.


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  1. Dear Karen,
    This is so awesome that those people read your Fort Mill Times column and put up a sign saying National Relaxation Day and your husband witnessing it all. It makes you feel good to know people read what you write and like it.
    I’m so glad you liked the exercise I put on my blog. Thanks for letting me know you liked it and for sharing your exercises with your readers. My comments on my blog will also have a link to your blog and the passages you wrote.

    I’m so proud of you for writing your blog in addition to your Fort Mill Times column.
    Celebrate you!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is awesome! I had no idea I missed the big R- relaxation day!!! and you, what did you do? but get bizy and shame us all! good for you, Karen! Love the post, love your articles and really love the 15 words x 2! 😉

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