I know my post is a week and a day early but I couldn’t resist.  Because today is(drum roll, please)… World Kindness Day! So be nice to someone, anyone, everyone!  The world could definitely use a little more kindness.  And it’s a big world. That means we need a huge amount of kindness in every nook and cranny of our globe!

Hop over to my article for more:  It’s World Kindness Day: Make the most of it | Brain Flurries | Fort Mill Times

And check out this link for some kind ideas: Kindness Ideas | Random Acts of Kindness

Thanks for being kind and reading my blog!  Till next time!

Go out and share a smile today.  Here’s one for you from me and my friend!




2 thoughts on “BE KIND!!

    • Joan Edwards…I think YOU are the poster child for KIND…You share so much knowledge, wisdom and positive vibes with everyone you encounter! Thank you for leaving me such a kind comment!

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