Finally!!!  A place where it can be all  “About Me.”  Ha ha.  Just kidding.  I truly am a humble girl, born in Pittsburgh, PA, long-time Memphian and now a South Carolinian.  Not to be confused with an Abecedarian, although I once was one of those.  Most of us were, somewhere around the age of five or six when we studied the alphabet.

I believe in fate and happy endings. I mean, after all, I grew up with Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.  How can I possibly believe anything else?

Ok, since we’re here. Here are a few tidbits about me.  I write an Op-ed column for my local paper, The Fort Mill Times.  I lucked up on being a background extra in the Hunger Games and that led to being an extra in other shows that film in our area, namely Homeland and Banshee.  And… I want to pen a Newberry Award winning book.  That would be a dream come true.

But until then, about my blog, I’m not sure what it will morph into but I do hope you’ll come back and find out.

I plan to post every third Thursday of the month. Get it, “th” for third and “th” for Thursday. That should be easy to remember.  I’ll also post new word finds on, Word Whenever Days, whenever that might be, no one knows.  But if you follow me, you’ll be one of the ones in the know. And so far, that’s all I know.

Alright, enough about me, I’d like to know about you.  Leave me a note and be sure to come back next month. I promise I will.


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