I do love this monkey. He makes me smile. But I realize it’s time to stop monkeying around and time to start writing. I keep telling myself, “Self. You should write more.” But myself won’t listen.

Thanks to someone sharing something, I’ve come upon a contest that has inspired me. Once you read the details of this contest, you will want to give it a try. Trust me. I encourage you to check it out here, Time is running out. Don’t wait. Go there immediately. So far, I’ve written four sentences and not one of them involves a monkey.

Now, I’m going to tell you about a most talented friend of mine, Joan Y. Edwards. She is the perfect example of what happens when you stop monkeying around and start writing. She’s a genius and works hard at putting sentences together. This month, she had some fabulous news! Read all about her book contract for LARRY, THE TERRIFYING TURKEY. And while you are there, check out her addictive blog.

I know this is a short entry, but I still have one more sentence to conjure up. Yes, I’m through monkeying around but that doesn’t mean I have to remove my happy, smiling monkey picture from my desktop. Does it?




Happy first day of Spring! There’s not a whole lot of things that you can count on these days, but you can always count on spring coming around. I think it’s fantastic that one of the first flowers to bloom after a long, dreary winter is the bright, yellow, happy daffodil.

Spring is all about splashes of color. I love color. That’s why I love this baby, spotted elephant that I spotted at South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina. He wanted to come home with me, but I had to say, “No. You’re too big to fit in the car.” And besides, I couldn’t take him from his home because if you go to, South of the Border, you can always count on spotting a spotted elephant! South of the Border, is filled with oodles of silly, photo opportunities, not just for kids. Just be sure you have a camera, a camera with a charged battery or at least your battery charger.

When I arrived at South of the Border, I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and start shooting. But, after about five pictures, my battery died. I forgot to charge it and I forgot the charger. So, I had to resort to shopping and eating. If you want to see the baby, spotted elephant and lots of other curious things, check it out. This year they are celebrating their 60th anniversary! South Of The Border ~ America’s Favorite Highway Oasis

Now for a… News Flash! Sunscribe Publishers has launched! Please check out the debut issue of their newsletter here, . It’s filled with goodies! And take a moment to hop over to their website for more information on this newly launched, forward focused publisher, Sunscribe™ | Forward Focused™.  Congratulations, Sunscribe!!!

Oh, before I go, if you like trees like I like trees, check out my most recent article in the Fort Mill Times,There go the trees – and the neighborhood | Brain Flurries | Fort Mill Times.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a few moments from your time bank with me!  Until next time, I’m off to see what I can spot on this first day of spring!

I got a round tuit!

I’m so excited to be back here on my blog.  I’ve neglected it.  The entire month of January, I kept saying to myself, “Self.  I truly will post something on my blog, just as soon as I get around to it.”  January flew by.  February was about to fly by. And then… it happened. Finally, in the nick of time, I got a round tuit!  And I have a picture to prove it!

So, now that I’m back, I have a few things to share.  First of all, I’m changing “Word Wednesdays” to “Word Whenever Days” because you never know when you’ll discover a new word.  And sometimes, you just can’t wait to share the excitement.

Also, here is my link to my latest article.  I hope you had a fantastic, Valentines Day filled with lots of laughter and chocolate.

And  in case you haven’t heard, my favorite author, Kate DiCamillo was named the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature for 2014 -2015.   The theme for this year is, Stories Connect Us.  Here is the link to read more.

Notice at the bottom it says, Request Ambassador Appearance.  Yes, there is a form to complete but, OH MY GOSH!!!!!  How cool would that be!!!!  Let me know if she is coming to your town, I won’t be far behind!!  I just reread her book, Because of Winn Dixie, and I’m convinced that if everyone would read that book, the world would be a better place.  Thank you, Kate DiCamillo for your stories.

Whew! I’m glad I finally got  a round tuit!  If you are in need of one, I hope you find one.  I’d share mine, but one never knows when they’ll desperately need to get a round tuit!

It’s the last Word Wednesday of 2013!  Enjoy the December fun!

ubiquitous:  existing or being everywhere at the same time (bread, cake and cookies at my house this month)

clatter: a rattling sound (listen for it on your roof on December 25th)

huggermugger: chaotic secrecy (people frantically hiding presents and forgetting where they put what.)


I know my post is a week and a day early but I couldn’t resist.  Because today is(drum roll, please)… World Kindness Day! So be nice to someone, anyone, everyone!  The world could definitely use a little more kindness.  And it’s a big world. That means we need a huge amount of kindness in every nook and cranny of our globe!

Hop over to my article for more:  It’s World Kindness Day: Make the most of it | Brain Flurries | Fort Mill Times

And check out this link for some kind ideas: Kindness Ideas | Random Acts of Kindness

Thanks for being kind and reading my blog!  Till next time!

Go out and share a smile today.  Here’s one for you from me and my friend!



Lesson Learned!

Here’s some advice. You can choose to follow it or not.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Never, under any circumstances, watch people rehab a money pit house before bed.  I learned this lesson the hard way.  Last night, my husband and I watched one of these shows right before bed.

Then I fell asleep and had this dream.  Did I say dream? I meant…Nightmare!  My husband bought this house without asking me. It was made of wood.  Every inch of it needed scraped and painted.  Every room was covered in wallpaper.  There was no kitchen, only a big empty room with holes in the walls.

I couldn’t figure out which room would be used for what, they were all chopped up. There was no grass outside, only dirt.  The deck was falling apart and under it were sheets of lattice with roaches crawling everywhere. YUK…Did I say it was a nightmare.   All I wanted was to be back in my cute, little bungalow.

Yes, you can only imagine how happy I was when I woke up and looked at my surroundings.  I guess there are two lessons here.

#1.  Don’t watch house rehab shows before bed.

#2.  Don’t take what you have for granted.

My husband asked me if I could live anywhere, where it would be?   I didn’t have an answer.It’s something to think about. What would your place be and what would it look like?  Write down all the intricate details.  Mine will have round windows, arched doorways and a rooftop deck so I can watch meteor showers.  That I know for sure.  Maybe one day I’ll wake up and find myself in that house!  Wouldn’t that be a surprise?

Oh and  speaking of meteor showers , don’t forget to check out the Orionids this coming week. Find out more at

Happy house writing… till next week!