It’s the last Word Wednesday of 2013!  Enjoy the December fun!

ubiquitous:  existing or being everywhere at the same time (bread, cake and cookies at my house this month)

clatter: a rattling sound (listen for it on your roof on December 25th)

huggermugger: chaotic secrecy (people frantically hiding presents and forgetting where they put what.)


Word Wednesday is early this month because of  World Kindness Day!

claque: a group hired to applaud at a performance.  (I’ve been a claque and didn’t know it.)

gad: to be constantly active without specific purpose ( Hmmm…What are Christmas shoppers?)

kind: Everyone should know this, just checking to see if you are paying attention.

Here I am. I made it to Word Wednesday with a few hours to spare!  I hope you’re still out there!

schism:  a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief. (i.e. I’ll leave this one up to your imagination, but I know what I’m thinking..ten letters, first letter W or G)

mellifluous: (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear. (i.e.  Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, people on THE VOICE, my husband but definitely NOT me.)

fractious: tending to be troublesome (i.e. the “voice” at the self check-out that keeps asking me to remove the last item from my bag)

Word Wednesday is here!  Granted it’s a week late, but I have a good reason. Yes, I went off the grid and to the beach!   Now, I’m back, with some fun, new words for you.  Enjoy!

scad:  a large number or quantity (i.e. pieces of assorted candy I ate while on vacation)

taciturn: disinclined to talk (i.e. the sun-bathing turtle I saw)

phantasmagoria: a scene that constantly changes or fluctuates (i.e. the aurora borealis…One day I hope to see it up close and in person. )

New Word Adventures #1

I promised three new words. Here they are. Don't forget to use them! 

panoply: an array of something splendid (i.e. the cookie table at an Italian Wedding)

myriad: a lot (i.e. how much bread and goodies one eats over the holidays)

munificent: generous (i.e. people who help others in whatever way they can)