First Ever Post this is my first ever post on a blog.  I guess that’s because this is my first ever blog.  I mean, I’ve posted comments on other blogs, but I’ve never written anything on my own blog.

Last night, I gave my brain an 8:30 a.m. deadline for coming up with a title for this blog.  I gave my brain strict orders to stop thinking about everything else and concentrate on a title for my blog.  Eventually, I guess it did.  I wouldn’t know. I fell asleep.  I was expecting big things when 8:30 rolled around this morning.   But my brain slept in, it showed up late, an hour and a half late to be exact. But, it didn’t show up empty-handed.  It showed up with K.T.’s Keystrokes.  And I liked it.  Besides, I couldn’t come up with anything better and I definitely didn’t want to spend another several hours racking my brain over it, I figured I’d just let my brain rack itself.  Hey, I have something neat to tell you. And three new words to share. But I’ve totally worn myself out, so maybe later or tomorrow.  After all, this is my first blog and right now, my brain needs a rest.